Transportation Of Minors

Most Taxi and Transport Network Companies are generally not allowed to transport minors under the age of 18 without being accompanied by an adult, we are trained to do so.

Allow us to safely and securely transport your children. Whether it be a ride from school to home, or to the doctors, we can assist you. Let us ease your busy schedule. Taxi services are expensive. Public transportation may not be the safest option. Use our system to obtain transport for your child’s after-school activities. Save money by using our service.

  • Booster seat provided. (One per vehicle, parent provides additional seat if needed.)
  • Upon securing the child(ren) the child locks are activated on the vehicle
  • Upon starting the ride, the parent is notified via text or call. A parent may speak with the child to comfort and explain to them the trip
  • The vehicle is equipped with a dash camera to provide added security measures
  • A parent may track the trip
  • Healthy snacks provided to the child as a reward for behaving properly
  • Pre-schedule or on-demand availability
  • Child escorted by Driver Specialist directly to the parent, event or location. Drop off location verified and parent notified
** If a child is to be transported with a stroller or wheelchair equipment, please include this information upon your request.

Safety Is A Priority

Our operator requirements exceed industry standards. All SecuRyde operators are trained, licensed professionals, and insured to provide the highest quality experience in the transport industry.


Transportation Of At-Risk Individuals

  • We welcome Handicap individuals. Wheelchair? No problem.
  • Experiencing harassment of any sort, we will transport you discreetly and safely.
  • How about needing supervised visitation transport and observation? Got it.
  • Do you work in an industry that can be considered susceptible to stalkers, abusive individuals, angry or intoxicated public? We are there to help you.
  • Do you work in the Adult Industry and wish to be transported from work to home safely, discreetly and protected?
  • Do you work in the fitness industry and have a few aggressive fans or followers and need to be taken to locations knowing that you will be escorted and kept safe and at a distance from individuals that may have inappropriate intentions?
  • Do you have an active protective order and desire to be transported from home to work or school with the assurance that you will arrive safe and secure?
Your comfort is our goal! Your protection is our specialty!